The Derp Unit

  durval Danny “the dan” Carter – Expert vegan. His supreme wit and handsome face-features, combined with his lack of sexual experiences keeps this man free of corruption. Grannies love him – making him the perfect front man of the Derp Unit
 dread1 Dread “k’noob” Naughtz – Thinks he’s the boss, can’t even boss his own hair. Swears a lot, smokes more, boom headshot extraordinaire. Part-time gayboy.
 xio Xio ‘the rockstar’ maro – So short that he doesn’t even need to crouch. A girlfriend which more popular than him, but she can’t match up to the most girly laugh in whole counter-strike community.
 cuv Owain “Bombardier” Cuvelier - Speed is his forté and it’s a good thing if speed impresses you. The speed of his frag grenade mid rushes are matched only by the speed of him being AWPed in the penis.